Friday, June 12, 2015


Hello Everyone,

My name is David and created this blog as a place to put my challenges, solutions, how-to's and scripts online. I have always enjoyed working and playing on computers. I remember using true DOS with my dad and I remember Windows 3.1, it seems like I've always had a computer and I've always been on a computer throughout my life.

I did well in classes throughout my academic career but the computer courses I took for fun I excelled at. It never occurred to me that I could make an actual career out of computers. I came to this realization while I was attending a private university. I was recommended to work in the IT department as a student worker and fell in love.

After graduating I lost my job (no longer being a student, I couldn't be a student worker) and had to find work elsewhere. With the job market as poor as it was it was surprising that I landed a job my first week of searching at a small company that does business in all of Southern California. I quickly rose to the top of that IT department and was responsible for almost every non-managerial IT issue. But this small company either didn't want to pay me what I deserved or didn't care what I made as my family struggled. After a lengthy job search I found a position at a Fortune 50 company and have been with them ever since. I currently love what I do and love coming in to work every day.

At each job I've encountered difficult problems that I have tasked myself to find resolutions for. At each job I've encountered scenarios that take up too much time or are inefficient so I have written scripts for those. I hope to share some of these tidbits of knowledge I've gained throughout my beginning years as an IT Professional and hope someone out there can benefit because of them.

Please enjoy your time here and reach out to me if you have any questions about the content!

- David